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CCTV Systems & Support Services

CCTV systems offer an effective way to secure assets and people. From planning and installing a brand-new CCTV system, to upgrading or replacing an out of date or faulty system, City of Liverpool Security are leading experts in all aspects of CCTV.
City of Liverpool Security survey, supply, install, monitor and maintain CCTV systems.
We cater for all industries. From small domestic systems through to large scale commercial systems.
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Here are some of the systems we can offer:

  • Ultra HD (4K) CCTV
  • Battery Operated CCTV
  • Facial Recognition CCTV
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition CCTV
  • Totally Wireless Temporary CCTV
  • Covert CCTV
  • Thermal Image CCTV
  • Fuel/Solar Powered CCTV Towers

Systems are designed to meet the individual needs of each customer, and image quality ranges from 1080p (High Definition) up to 2160p (Ultra High Definition). All systems offer at least 30 days of storage and are viewable via mobile phones or tablets from anywhere in the world.


Supporting Services

As well as installing CCTV systems we can offer a number of supporting services to provide a full security package.


  • CCTV Maintenance
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Key Holding
  • Intruder Response
  • Event Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Perimeter Protection
We believe that CCTV Monitoring is best achieved through "Event Management". Using the very latest video analytics technology, motion is detected by our cameras up to 100 metres away, and this sends an alarm to the CCTV Monitoring Station, or to a smart phone for domestic customers.
For complete security, we recommend that our commercial and construction clients utilise our full security management service which includes CCTV Monitoring, Key-Holding and Intruder Response Services.

CCTV Videos

Using the latest Video Analytics Technology, we create “Zones”. When entered, the system sends an alarm alerting our monitoring staff to an intrusion on site.

As well as “Zones” we also create “virtual Triplines”. Completely invisible to the naked eye, if the line is crossed an alarm is sent to our monitoring staff to investigate.

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